The services provided by our department assist the campus to succeed in its mission by: facilitating the process of moving the student body through their academic careers; by providing operational support in the management of financial systems and processes; and by supplying oversight and guidance in fiscal matters.

Our department has thirteen full-time employees.

The following offices, housed within our department, are responsible for the activities indicated:


Accounts Payable (non-purchasing) including travel reimbursement, non-student accounts receivable/billing (ARBI), maintaining the accounting system (e.g. chartfield data), guidance and oversight on accounting activities, interpretation of University business policies.

Cashier's Office

Assessment, billing and collections of student fee accounts.

                    Cashier's Office
                    G-4 Parker Hall
                    Phone: (573) 341-4195
                    Fax: (573) 341-6308

Student Loan Collections

Billing and collection of Federal Perkins loans and institutional loan programs.

                    Student Loan Collections  
                    G-3 Parker Hall
                    Phone: (573) 341-4190
                    Fax: (573) 341-6518